Access City Award 2022

Access City Award 2022

Access City Award 2022

The City of Luxembourg wins the Access City Award 2022

The award, organized by the European Commission in collaboration with the European Disability Forum, highlights the achievements of the City of Luxembourg in becoming more accessible to people with disabilities.

The Access City Award 2022 was presented to the City of Luxembourg by a jury of accessibility experts. The jury recognized the city for its wide range of innovative solutions and improvements to enhance accessibility for people with disabilities. Improving accessibility is a priority for the city, which applies a “Design for All” approach to facilitate access for all.

Accessible public transportation

Luxembourg City wins Access City Award 2022; making public transport and other public infrastructure accessible is crucial. “Imagine you want to take a bus, but you can’t get on. Or that your child cannot play with other children because the playground is not accessible,” said EU Equality Commissioner Helena Dalli at the awards ceremony. “Accessibility makes a real difference in daily life”. That’s why, with the Access City Award, we recognize efforts to make cities more accessible and inclusive.

The City of Luxembourg uses low-floor buses equipped with ramps. Visual and audible announcements are used for bus and tram stops. The City also consults regularly with its citizens with disabilities to ensure that its actions are having the desired effect. In order to make information about policy decisions accessible to all, key City Council meetings are available in sign language as well as in spoken language and in transcript. “I congratulate this year’s winner, the city of Luxembourg, for its commitment to equal opportunities for people with disabilities,” said Commissioner Dalli.

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