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For some people, Luxembourg is still an unknown country or, for others, a preconceived idea. However, when one knows the history of Luxembourg and its progressive commitment at the European and international level, realises the responsibility and solidarity it shows in terms of development aid and migration, reads the current strategies of its different sectors and sees the efforts that are made every day in terms of sustainable initiatives and societal commitments, it becomes clear that Luxembourg is a multicultural country, extremely open, dynamic, attentive to the needs of the world and determined to move forward within ecological limits and social equity, for a more sustainable world.

Know-how is one thing. Let others know about it is another.

Our mission, with and for you, is to make Luxembourg known to all.

Inspiring, connecting all players and promoting Luxembourg abroad, in order to bring Luxembourg to the world and the world to Luxembourg.


The issue of promoting Luxembourg abroad is a debate that dates back to the 1990s when the need for a coordinated action to enhance the image and organise the promotion of the country was felt.
In view of the multiplicity of actors involved in promoting Luxembourg abroad, it is necessary to produce communication tools that will enable the deployment of coherent messages in line with Luxembourg's positioning on the international scene.


Creation of the brand image promotion

In 2013, the brand image promotion initiative was born within the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. Led by an interministerial and inter-institutional committee, the approach aims to propose and implement strategies to promote Luxembourg’s image.

“Positive values conveyed by the image of Luxembourg will be established and used by the different actors and in official media campaigns for which the government will make the necessary resources available.”
Excerpt from p.35 of the 2013-2018 Government Program

In order to achieve authentic, credible and convincing communication, a clear definition of what constitutes the “personality” and strengths of Luxembourg must be a prerequisite.

2014 - 2015

Participatory approach

This reflection is conducted through a participatory process, an approach that is the key element of the entire process initiated by the government since 2013.

On the basis of surveys, individual interviews, focus groups, as well as a citizen consultation through an online platform, the country’s reference values are gradually taking shape, that is Luxembourg as a dynamic, open and reliable country.

Reflecting these three values, the archetype of the ally is identified to define the personality of Luxembourg.


This same participatory approach is applied to the development of Luxembourg’s new visual identity, which was developed and presented to the public in 2016.

2016 - 2018

Implementation of values and signature

During the first few years, the guidelines given by the LuXembourg – Let’s make it happen Committee aimed to use the knowledge developed through messages, actions and coordination work concentrated on the national territory in order to strengthen the identification process of Luxembourg residents and to unite the stakeholders involved in the promotion of the country.

“Efforts to promote Luxembourg’s brand image through the ‘Nation Branding’ strategy will be continued.”
Excerpt (p.222) from the Government Program 2018-2023.

2019 - 2020

First assessment

Beginning in 2019, consultations are being conducted in the participatory spirit that has characterised the initiative since its inception in 2013. The purpose of these studies is to assess the perception of the initiative among stakeholders and to measure its impact in terms of image abroad. They will lead to the publication of a new strategy.



As a result of the contributions of the various stakeholders involved in promoting Luxembourg, the new Luxembourg brand image promotion strategy is launched in 2021.

Validated on June 2, 2021 by the Government Council, it offers a human-centered approach that aims to make the values and faces of Luxembourg known and appreciated.

Highlighting the values that Luxembourg can bring to the world, beyond its national interests, it proposes the following vision:
Our vision is to establish Luxembourg as a committed player on the international scene, a strong ally in the context of sustainable growth, a facilitator of innovative ideas that can contribute to a better world.

Like a sustainable systemic framework, it defines three priority themes aspiring to keep in balance the different essential aspects of the country's development. These priority themes are based on the three existing reference values of Luxembourg. The narrative in turn, stems from these three priority themes.

The strategy is accompanied by a Call to Action document, which lays the foundation for the 2021-2025 brand image promotion Action Plan.

Here, you can consult or download the strategy and the basis for the 2021-2025 action plan.


The LMIH Committee

The Committee proposes and implements the main guidelines for the country's brand image promotion. From its inception in 2013, it has adopted a participatory approach, including all of the company's stakeholders in its process.

Now called the LMIH Committee (referring to the initials of the slogan Let's Make It Happen), the Committee is composed of representatives from the following ministries and administrations, sectoral promotion agencies, professional chambers and other institutional partners :

Advisory Committees

In our working groups, we involve a wide range of stakeholders from the public, private and civil society sectors.

In this process of consultation and exchange, we distinguish two kinds of actors: those actively involved in the promotion of Luxembourg and those whose mission is a strong argument in the promotion of Luxembourg, such as for example the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, through the prism of free transport.

It would be impossible to list all the actors who have contributed since the beginning to the development of the initiative. For the development of the new strategy and the bases of the action plan validated on June 2, 2021 by the Government Council, the following stakeholders are involved:

The LMIH Team

The operational team of LuXembourg - Let's make it happen is the brand image promotion unit (Promotion de l'image de marque) within the Ministry of the Economy. The LMIH team of nine people is responsible for inspiring, coordinating stakeholders and promoting Luxembourg's brand image worldwide.

Head of the Luxembourg Brand Image Promotion
Administrative, Legal and Financial Manager
Project Manager
Network Coordination & Monitoring
Damien Roseren
Project Manager
Content Creation & External Communication
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Content Creation & External Communication
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Partnerships & Event Products
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Partnerships & Event Products
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