Visual universe



A signature is unique

It is the stories and personalities of its inhabitants as well as the development of its society that determine the special character of Luxembourg. On the basis of surveys, individual interviews, focus groups and debates, as well as direct contributions from the public, Luxembourg’s strengths were identified. These are reflected in three fundamental values: reliability, dynamism and openness, on the one hand, and the personality of the ally, which is reminiscent of Luxembourg, on the other.


Visual translation of the country profile

In this same participatory approach, Luxembourg’s visual identity was born in 2016, allowing the country’s profile to be translated into images and symbols. As a central element, the X symbol represents the particularities of Luxembourg:





X symbol

The X symbol highlights Luxembourg’s values and priorities: the dynamism with which it initiates projects, accelerates the creativity of sectors and favors innovation by constantly renewing itself; the openness with which it brings together and unites people from all walks of life, promotes diversity and is committed to a humanistic Europe; and finally, the reliability of the relationships and alliances that result, the sustainability of its actions and its vision, beyond its national interests, for a better world.

The Luxembourg Signature

The Luxembourg Signature was born of a broad participatory process and today it supports the presentation of Luxembourg internationally:

The Luxembourg Signature consists of the LuXembourg logo – composed of the word Luxembourg with the X symbol – and the invitation Let’s make it happen.

An enduring brand

This chapter describes the rules for the graphic use of the Luxembourg Signature and its graphic elements. The purpose of the following graphic rules is to ensure a consistent presentation of the LuXembourg brand and thus promote a high level of recognition. This is only possible if all design rules are followed.

In order to guarantee the sustainability of the Luxembourg Signature over time – the brand is officially registered internationally – it is important to use the Signature in a context of promoting Luxembourg internationally and according to the defined rules:

  • The use of the Signature must serve primarily to promote Luxembourg and not any product, service, company or brand
  • It can only be used in a context with a strong potential for international visibility and/or highlighting Luxembourg’s assets
  • In addition, the context must be in line with Luxembourg’s priority themes (creativity, diversity, sustainability)

To ensure consistency in the use of the Luxembourg Signature and its graphic elements over time, any use is subject to prior validation by our services.


Many partners have adopted the Luxembourg Signature to help to promote our country, giving Luxembourg influence beyond our borders.

It should be noted that the Luxembourg Signature can also be used, under certain conditions, in the form of co-branding i.e. in association with one or more visual identities of one or more partners. To consult the graphic rules and submit your project for co-branding in your specific case, we invite you to submit your request via the tool.

As an official representation of Luxembourg, you can use the Luxembourg Signature on its own (see the graphic charter) or in co-branding with your visual identity (red government lion). It should be noted, however, that in the case of co-branding, the use of the Signature and the government’s visual identity may not be on the same visible side of a communication or promotional medium, which means that the two elements must be presented on separate visible surfaces of the same medium (such as the front and back of a flyer).