Discover through a series of examples how the narrative of Luxembourg, land of culture(s), can be used in your activity sector.

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A story designed to promote an idea, arouse attention and convince above all through emotion, the "storytelling" offered here through a series of examples, shows you how the narrative of Luxembourg, land of culture(s), can be broken down according to your sector of activity.

"For Luxembourg, growth is a mindset, not a measure of more. Luxembourg’s grower’s spirit derives from the farmers who first cultivated the country.
That mindset translates into a welcoming ground for innovators to dig in and grow out.
Built by diversity, Luxembourg is busy reimagining a today that sustains us tomorrow."


In the early days of its existence as an independent country, Luxembourg had to rely on its own, meager resources to develop itself.

As the then backbone of Luxembourg’s economy, the farmers understood that perseverance, agility and foresight, these same attributes that had allowed them to grow for centuries, were just as important and effective in a rapidly evolving world.

Seizing opportunities to learn and innovate, pushing the boundaries of what was possible, they managed to reinvent themselves and the society that they were part of, weathering opposition and growing to new heights in the process.

Today, this grower’s mindset is still alive and characteristic of Luxembourg, enriched by a unique diversity of cultures that have taken root here and perpetually keep this country in motion, creating a good life for everyone.

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At the origin of our economic landscape, the first Luxembourg farmers, faced with changing climatic
conditions and irregular harvests, understood the importance of foresight.

Reinventing and adapting their practices, they not only succeeded in extending their fields of activity but also in developing a very specific approach, a mixture of foresight, pragmatism and flexibility. This mindset, which has lasted through the ages from the steel era to the service era, is what we call the “grower’s mindset”.

Today, the diversification of our economy requires a policy of “multi-specialisation” in industry, environmental technologies, including the circular economy and smart mobility, health technologies, space technologies, financial services and technologies, and logistics, relying on information and communication technologies as horizontal drivers of innovation.

As facilitators of innovative ideas for a better world, we cultivate tomorrow, here and now. With you.

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As the driving force of Luxembourg in the past, farmers have given the Luxembourg society the ingenuity and adaptability that still governs its fields of action today. A facilitator of encounters at the center of Europe, the country is a living testbed where students, researchers and entrepreneurs rub shoulders in a human-sized ecosystem.

With the fastest growing public research budget in Europe, our research organisations provide cutting-edge infrastructures to carry out high-level research, in an ever-stronger cooperative mindset with the private sector and public administrations.

For us, research is a powerful engine to contribute to the 2050 vision of a resilient world, thanks to targeted investments in 4 major priority research areas: industrial and service transformation, sustainable and responsible development, personalised health and 21st century education.

More than ever, Luxembourg is embracing the unlimited source of innovation that is open to it. In this way, the grower’s mindset persists and allows us to constantly move forward.

©LMIH/Sabino Parente


Luxembourg’s history is rooted in its natural beauty. Faced with the fickleness of the weather and the unevenness of the harvest, our farming ancestors understood the importance of foresight and moderation. They were care-takers of the land.

Reinventing and adapting their activities to an ever-changing world, these farmers became workers, entrepreneurs and decision-makers. They all contributed to the incredible success story that is Luxembourg today. They all perpetuated the "farmer’s approach" that makes us proud.

Today, we are the first country to have introduced free climate-neutral public transport or the world’s first sustainable bond exchange. We are also the highest per capita contributor to international climate finance, helping other countries make the transition to a more sustainable future. From spatial planning to clean-tech innovation to green finance, through smarter growth, we want to lead the way to a net-zero society and move progressively towards a one planet footprint.

Even if we are not there yet, this is the horizon that drives us as care-takers of the land. Since we protect what we love.

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