Communication advices

Discover here a list of little extras to make your communication more creative, more inclusive and more sustainable, just like the Luxembourg you are promoting.


We have hereby compiled a non-exhaustive list of little extras for your media, whether digital or paper, that will help you develop your communication into a more creative, inclusive and sustainable interchange, just like the Luxembourg you are promoting.


Before launching any communication operation, it is important to weigh up the specific features of paper and digital, and their complementarity with other tools. Take into account the lifespan of your communication campaign and do not lose sight of the fact that every choice of medium is a message in itself.


  • Remember to touch your audience rather than just explain information. Emotion, identification and a sense of belonging are your best allies in conveying your message in the long run.
  • Partner up with creative people and promote them in your communications: they are living proof of Luxembourg's creativity.
  • Be as innovative as the Luxembourg assets you promote: new technologies such as QR codes, NFC near field communication or augmented reality implicitly convey your expertise as a digital nation.


  • Ask yourself whether your message is not only understandable but also accessible to the largest possible number of people.
  • Taking accessibility rules into account, or even going beyond them, is a message of openness in itself.
  • Consider using a sheltered workshop to print or package your communication materials. This will have a very positive impact, both socially and in terms of the perception of your message.
  • Let your audience interact with you: create collaborative campaigns (e.g. by including a call for projects or open event aspects) and take advantage of the interactive dimensions offered by digital tools.


  • Contrary to popular belief, a digital solution is not without impact on the environment. Did you know, for instance, that a short video on social media has three times more impact on global warming than a paper flyer?*
  • Analyze the lifecycle of your project: from raw materials to transformation, manufacturing and distribution, then implementation, use, up to recovery or disposal.**
  • Think about the choice of paper: recycled, low grammage, FSC-certified, non-chlorine-bleached… Keeping the environment in mind right from the design stage (choice of typography, colors, print screen, trims…) can considerably reduce ink consumption.
  • Do not forget to anticipate the end-of-life of printed material: sorted and recycled, it can be recovered and reused in your own communications.
  • Last but not least, do not forget to communicate your efforts. The FSC label, the logo of a sheltered workshop, the collaboration with a creative partner for a 100% made in Luxembourg production, will highlight your values and priorities, and therefore those of Luxembourg.

*According to a comparative study of paper and digital communications, carried out in 2020 for the French Post Office by an independent Swiss firm (Quantis) based on life cycle assessment (LCA).
** For further information, please consult the transition kit ( (available in FR, EN, ALL) from IMS Luxembourg.


Here we have compiled a non-exhaustive list of little extras to help you organize events that embody the Luxembourg you are promoting.


Just like your communication media, think about giving your events a fully creative, inclusive and sustainable dimension, whether they take place on-site, digitally or in a hybrid format.


  • By habit, convenience or tradition, we often associate a certain type of event with a preconceived form or structure known to all. However, sometimes, by daring a simple change of terminology, venue or association, we can give a fresh look to our event, thus attracting more people and visitors.
  • Do you want to convey your expertise as a digital nation? Be as innovative as the Luxembourg assets you are presenting: rely on new technologies, and instead of presenting your arguments, bring them to life through immersive experiences.


  • Is your event accessible to the largest possible number of people? Bear in mind that taking accessibility rules into account, or even anticipating them, is a message of openness in itself.
  • Consider using a sheltered workshop for preparation, packaging and catering. This will have a positive impact both socially and in terms of the perception of your event.
  • Allow your audience to interact with you: create participative events (e.g. by inviting your guests to help preparing or organizing the event) and take advantage of the participative dimensions that digital tools can offer when used wisely.


  • Environmentally-friendly venues and materials, accessibility by public transport, menu composition, food provenance and waste reduction are all aspects to be taken into account when designing and communicating about your events.
  • Have you heard of "Green Events"? To support organizers who commit to a sustainable approach, the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development awards eco-responsible logos in the following categories: communication & marketing, decoration & equipment, mobility, food & beverages, waste, water & sanitation, energy, and environmental commitment. More information on:
  • Don't forget to put forward your actions. Your commitment to a more sustainable world is a message that speaks volumes about Luxembourg's values and priorities.


Have you heard of the LuXembourg Collection? Discover its key features and apply them to your own production of promotional items.


Through an extensive participatory process that took place between 2014 and 2015, thoughts were given to the assets and values of Luxembourg that should be put forward. Reflecting the priorities that Luxembourg aspires to embody, the LuXembourg Collection aims to evolve into an assemblage that highlights, through storytelling, our priorities of creativity, diversity and sustainability. Whether you purchase an item from the Luxembourg Collection or design your own promotional objects or products, you can find here a non-exhaustive list of little extras to ensure that your gifts reflect - as closely as possible - the Luxembourg that you are promoting.


  • In line with our goal of "revealing the values and faces of Luxembourg", we are calling on to Luxembourg producers, creative people and artists to showcase Luxembourg's know-how to the world.
  • We encourage them to submit suggestions of objects, formats and concepts that illustrate and tell our country's story. The promotion of Luxembourg's brand image has always been a participative initiative - and it continues to be that very way when it comes to developing objects and products of choice.
  • Through storytelling, we aim to promote the country's creativity by presenting the producers and designers behind the products. Through texts and photographs that portray the men and women who imagined, created or produced the items in the LuXembourg Collection, we highlight both the values and the faces of our land.
  • Via a QR code (or an NFC chip) on the product, our goal is for every purchaser to be able to access the story or message that contextualizes each product.


  • The inclusive dimension is essential to the development of the Luxembourg Collection. Wherever possible, we seek to work with companies from the social economy (sheltered workshops, foundations, firms with a societal impact) to design, manufacture or package our products.
  • Through calls for participation or projects, our ambition is to develop everyone's creative potential and to reach out to as many actors as possible, whether they are producers of "made in Luxembourg" products, or those who tell the story of the links between Luxembourg and another partner country (in terms of economy, cooperation or culture).
  • We are very proud to highlight our inclusive approach: not only does it have a positive impact on society, but it also ensures the consistency of the messages we convey.


  • The LuXembourg Collection emphasizes on local production to minimize the environmental footprint and to promote the local know-how.
  • We favor eco-labeled products, durable multi-use products, energy-efficient or refillable products, biodegradable or recyclable end-of-life products and recycled materials.
  • We aim to avoid unnecessary waste (particularly in packaging) and promote minimal packaging.
  • We strive to take stock of Luxembourg's resources, materials and producers, and are always on the lookout for new products that meet our sustainability criteria.